Why should I hire Ron D. Abrams, PC to appeal my taxes?

The property tax appeal process is both complicated and ever changing.  It is difficult for property owners to complete all the paperwork and gather research before the appeal deadline.  If this deadline is missed, the property owner must wait another year to file an appeal.  Hiring us to file your property tax appeal will ensure that it is filed on time and the necessary research is collected. 

Real Estate Tax Attorneys are given the exclusive right to represent their client’s property tax appeals at the Assessor’s office, the Board of Review, and the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board.

Hiring us to appeal your property taxes will give you the best possible chance for a successful appeal.  Our law office will assure that your appeal is filed on time, the property is well researched, and the strongest argument is presented to lower the property’s assessed value which in turn will mean a lower tax bill for you.  We understand the tax appeal process and will do everything in our power to help you obtain the best tax reduction.

When can I file an appeal?

In Cook County, each property is reassessed every three years. The deadline to file an appeal is 30 days after the assessment notice is mailed. An appeal can be filed every year when your property’s township is open for appeals.

When should I file an appeal?

We help owners and investor of residential, multi-unit, commercial and industrial properties determine when an appeal needs to be filed. 

Why would I file an appeal?

A successful appeal will result in lower property taxes for your property.  Many factors such as uniformity, changes in the market, vacancy, and building condition are considered when preparing a property tax appeal.  Our team will evaluate what type of appeal is needed for your property.

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